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Why Businesses Today Need Disaster Recovery

“If you think your business can’t resist the disaster,
then it’s right time to plan for Disaster Recovery Plan before it’s too late”

What is Disaster Recovery?

With digital transformation leading the workforce of today, the marketplace has seen tremendous growth and, businesses are increasingly becoming data-driven. In such a technology-powered landscape, the IT infrastructure has proven to be the backbone for any company. Disaster recovery is an organization’s method of regaining access and functionality to its IT infrastructure after events like a natural disaster, cyber-attack, or any sort of business disruption.

Why does a business need to focus on Disaster Recovery?

Digitization has not just opened new opportunities for businesses but also has brought new threats. Cyber threats like ransomware, human errors, hardware failure are some possible threats that might lead to huge data loss, business interruptions, loss in revenue, etc.

To minimize these risks and help organizations continue their business operations in any sort of disruptions, Disaster Recovery Services has a significant role to play.

What’s the best solution for your disaster recovery plan?

While choosing any service or solution, you will always want the best. Choosing the best service requires some aspects to be fulfilled like cost, support, demand, etc. Evaluating the services based on these factors, at Agile Solutions we provide Azure Site Recovery as our Disaster recovery service. Microsoft Azure Site Recovery offers secure, scalable, flexible, and cost-effective Business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR) cloud solutions for your organization.

Azure Site Recovery replicates workloads running on physical and virtual machines (VMs) from a primary site to a secondary location. During any outage that occurs at your primary site, you will have a safe failover to a secondary location, from where you can access apps.

ASR makes Virtual Machines, Hyper-V, physical on-prem systems, and VMWare to failover to and successfully failback during a disaster. It is also a cheap, reliable, secure solution for disaster recovery. But before implementing disaster recovery plan organizations should perform a risk analysis of the system, its maximum RPO, and RTO.

Disaster recovery

Benefits of Disaster Recovery: 

  • Protecting the brand reputation of the company and loyalty of the customer
  • Reduction on RTO and RPO
  • Helping you take charge of any undesirable events
  • Minimizing the interruption of business-critical data

The myth about Disaster Recover in Nepal

Most companies in Nepal are still reluctant to fully moving to the cloud. Numerous restrictions regarding data and security concerns set forth by the government are not helping either. The major challenge is that businesses still prefer manual administrative methods and paperwork over building a strong IT infrastructure. Many also seem to think that cloud adoption entails massive investment that their budget can barely handle. However, it is a good sign that businesses today have slowly begun placing greater emphasis on being able to react and recover quickly in the event of unexpected disruption.

This myth needs gradual debunking. Big corporate firms of Nepal have already understood the importance of disaster recovery plans and considered DR as a part of IT infrastructure with the help of cloud providers such as Agile Solutions. Agile Solutions Pvt. Ltd. understands clients’ business requirements, and with their strong team of seasoned consultants, offers detailed risk analysis to design cost-effective DR infrastructure for your organization.

What’s next? DRaaS or Traditional methods

Moving your on-prem infrastructure to the cloud with Azure DRaaS can benefit businesses including lower cost, easier deployment, and the ability to test plans regularly. Agile Solutions is a Microsoft-authorized partner for cloud solutions including Azure services. Need help assessing your disaster recovery plan? Contact us today at 014700489 or info@agile.com.np for a free consultation with our team.

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