Agile CRM for Banking

Gain a complete 360-degree view of your customer data.
Banking and financial data can get scattered in disconnected systems. Agile CRM is a one-stop solution for banks and financial institutions that makes accessing customer information simple, allowing you to turn more leads into customers, deliver powerful customer experience, and bring agility to your operations.
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360-degree view of customer preferences and activities

Customer data is the lifeblood of the banking and financial industry. With Agile CRM, you will be able to visualize and manage a customer’s entire journey from their KYC history to services used across multiple touchpoints in a single platform.

Manage your leads better and smarter

Banks and financial institutions often struggle to manage huge amount of leads, resulting in lost opportunities. Agile CRM centralizes your data and cuts the hassle of gathering lead information from multiple sources, so you do not miss out on crucial upselling opportunities.

Take your operations on-the-go

Let your staff work remotely with a future- proof CRM system. Agile CRM is cloud- based; meaning your data is not only safely and securely hosted in the cloud, it is also accessible from anywhere and on any device. It is easy to capture leads on-site, access customer data, and view reports on-the-go.

One CRM solution, endless possibilities

An end-to-end Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for banking and financial institutions that connects sales, service, finance, marketing, and operations to bring them all together into a single, fully integrated platform.

Boost your sales: sell, upsell and cross sell better

  • Prioritize, nurture, and convert leads into prospects
  • Provide relevant offers and products based on their preferences
  • Utilize data and insights efficiently to retain customers

Empower employees and increase productivity

  • Measure employee performance and KPIs for continued growth
  • Monitor employee interactions with clients and stakeholders
  • Enable staff to perform better with the right resources, data, and insights

Offer fast, personalized customer service

  • Resolve support cases faster with reduced response time
  • Provide seamless omni-channel customer service
  • Integrate your existing service channels with the CRM

Streamline and automate manual processes

  • Automate your sales lifecycle to close more deals faster
  • Adapt quickly to changing market trends and demands to drive sustainable growth
  • Utilize data and insights efficiently to retain customers

Accelerate your marketing campaigns across channels

  • Nurture more sales-ready leads with marketing automation
  • Improve consistency in your business communication
  • Store and utilize your customer data to create high-performing, relevant campaigns

Improve your financial reporting

  • Gain access to client’s financial transactions, accounts, and holdings
  • Create custom reports based on the specific departmental needs.
  • Gain crucial insights into your sales, service, finance, and operations.

A complete CRM solution for the Banking and Financial sector

1. Dynamics 365 Sales

  • Optimize, automate, and streamline your business processes for maximum returns.

  • Boost employee productivity

  • Pursue real opportunities

  • Reduce time to close

  • Scale processes

  • Execute a frictionless sales journey

2. Dynamics 365 Marketing

  • Boost customer engagement

  • Seamless collaboration

  • Create customer journeys and personalized emails 

  • Create targeted campaigns with customer insights

  • Manage large-scale events effortlessly

3. Dynamics 365 Customer Service

  • Intelligent case management

  • Foster consistent experiences across all channels

  • Reduced human interaction

  • Keep your agents motivated

  • Omnichannel capabilities for all-round case management

Available for:

(Retail and Commercial)
Insurance Companies
Capital Markets
Finance and Microfinance Companies

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