Automobile Dealers and Distributors

The automotive sector is extremely dynamic and managing all its procedures right from sourcing to manufacturing correctly while meeting the short cycle requirements on time and in the budget are crucial. To achieve this, digitization and institutionalization in the automotive sector is imperative. 

ERP Benefits for Automotive Industry

Automobile distributors and dealers have tto overcome inevitable industrial challenges such as high-quality customer service, vendor, inventory and delivery management, marketing and labor efficiency. The incremental challenges have uncovered the fact that the aging legacy systems are not up to the mark anymore, version upgrades can no longer mask the inadequacies of the older legacy systems.

Cost Reduction

Implementing an ERP system in the automotive industry can save you money in the long run. An ERP system combines all your business functions, including inventory, supply chain management, finance, etc., into one single interface. Having these functions united can improve cost efficiency. Getting an ERP will let you control the quality, your plans to achieve the desired product quality, provide assurance and improve the quality of automotive products.

Optimized Inventory Management

Manufacturers in the automotive industry rely heavily on well-organized inventory and production processes. An ERP system allows for a simplified, systematic inventory process which can help you avoid holding excess inventory and incurring unnecessary costs. our ERP system can help you streamline your inventory thereby allowing you to evade issues like stock holding costs, where you incur costs to keep excess stock.

Better Collaborations and Communication

Most ERP’s have different functions. However, all of them can manipulate and share data and information on a real-time basis, optimize your access to the database, ensure data security and privacy, improve teamwork and communiqué between different teams in the company. An ERP removes the need to physically combine data from various software systems and processes used in the business. It collects, records, and lets diverse teams share info on one system.

Simplified Compliance with Rules and Regulations

An ERP designed for the automotive industry makes regulatory compliance so much easier. An automotive ERP system provides the ability to generate and manage reports to submit to the relevant regulatory bodies.

Importance of Data Integration

An ERP solution can offer significant value to automotive businesses with regards to customer support and management. You can integrate your ERP data with your customer relationship management (CRM) software. This allows you to manage leads captured in your sales funnel, turn leads into sales, retain existing customers, communicate with your customers through each stage of their purchase process, and so much more.

All-inclusive analytics

The right ERP solution can let the teams in the company create different reports for expenses, income, key performance indicators, inventory status, production schedule and more. Being able to generate these reports on time can make the automotive business agile, allowing you to take decisions on time and respond to a crisis quickly. Of course, with ERP you do not need a dedicated IT staff to create those reports for you.

Our Products for Automotive Industry

Automotive Dealer Management System

Agile DMS equips auto dealers with a suite of powerful tools. Get real-time insights, automate tasks, and turn data into profitable growth, all on a single platform built for auto dealerships.

Agile Hire Purchase

Agile Hire Purchase simplifies and automates your hire purchase business – providing seamless integrations, cost control, loan tracking, and reporting – all within a single solution.

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