Safeguard your business with Azure Site Recovery

Having an IT disaster recovery plan is vital today – with businesses facing threats of cyber-attacks, power outages, natural disasters, and unwanted intrusions. 

Now is the perfect time to implement disaster recovery measures by moving your business to the cloud and safeguard your data from unprecedented loss in the future.

Why your organization needs a Disaster Recovery plan

Every day, your business relies on documents, applications, and existing data to function. What would happen if you suddenly lost access to these things?

Cyber-attacks such as ransomware, data breaches, DDOS, and phishing attacks are increasing at an alarming rate. It is absolutely critical for you to plan your continuity to ensure if such incidents occur, your operations remain unaffected.

Role of Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaas)

  • Helps your company to keep doing business – even during major IT outages.
  • Can be deployed rapidly without any operational disruption
  • Reduces downtime while helping you minimize risks and continue business operations
  • No upfront costs or overhead expenditure ensure that you get up & running quickly with minimal investment
  • Quick replication and recovery through automatic restoration of your backup

Challenges faced by organizations without a Disaster Recovery plan

Complete Data Loss

  • Data loss can occur several different ways: natural disaster, security breaches, and human error.
  • Outcome of data loss can be devastating financially as companies can lose millions
  • It becomes extremely difficult for companies to overcome the impact for months and even years

Business interruption

  • Continuing with business as usual becomes extremely difficult when system is compromised
  • Huge downtime causes your operations to be halted indefinitely
  • Any moment you are not working, you are losing money
  • Business interruption can not only cause loss of revenue but also employee productivity

Loss of clients

  • Data loss not only affects your organizational operations but affects your clients as well.
  • If you are not equipped for disaster recovery, your clients will begin to question your preparedness to handle their business
  • In case you are unable to recover client data, it severely hurts your reputation in the industry

Expensive recovery, if recovers at all

  • More than two out of fiver companies do not have a disaster recovery plan at all
  • 1 out of 20 businesses fail to recover from data loss
  • Businesses cannot handle costs to replace hardware, costs to rekey data, loss of daily profits, and loss of employee productivity.

Azure Site Recovery: Microsoft’s trusted Backup and Disaster Recovery Service

  • As an organization, you must implement a business continuity and disaster recovery plan to keep your data protected and your apps running smoothly even during planned and unplanned outages.

    Azure Site Recovery is Microsoft’s cloud-based disaster recovery service which duplicates your operations to a secondary location in the form of Virtual Machines (VMs) in case your primary location is affected by cyber-attacks, intrusions, and power outages, thus keeping your apps and operations safe and running.

Key Advantages of Azure Site Recovery

1. Protect your organizational data in ERP and other systems from cyber threats and attacks

Recent studies show that ransomware attacks have increased worldwide by 273% in 2020. In a ransomware attack, hackers breach into the system and make the files and data inaccessible to the user. With remote work becoming a norm, you must ensure your organizational data is secure as employees’ personal devices are vulnerable to intrusions.

2. Reduce infrastructure costs and pay for what you use

Since Azure Site Recovery is a Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution, it is fully cloud-based and you only pay for what you use service on a subscription basis. This saves you from having to setup costly disaster recovery infrastructure, data center, facility rental, or physical hardware.

3. Recover quickly without severe disruption

A disaster recovery plan should help you quickly recover. The longer it takes to recover the more downtime and cost to the business. ASR offers a minimal RPO (Recovery Point Objectives) time of 15 minutes, which helps you avoid severe data loss for a prolonged time. 

4. Continuous monitoring and supervision

Azure Site Recovery continually monitors the health and status of your protected instances and can identify any issues via email notifications to allow constant and automated protection.

5. An SLA of 99.9%

Microsoft backs its Microsoft’s Azure services including the Azure Site Recovery with a 99.9% guarantee, ensuring a permanent uptime of services.

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