AS Retail: Point of Sale ERP

Take your retail business to the next level with a complete end-to-end POS solution
From Point of Sale (POS) to back-office, AS Retail leverages the ERP capabilities of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central to streamline your retail operations so you can manage your inventory, promotions, reporting, and memberships with a single solution.
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An end-to-end retail
management solution

Increases store productivity

  • Minimal training required
  • User-friendly interface
  • Shortcuts for quick processing

Supports multiple payment options

  • Cash/Card payment
  • Digital payments (FonePay, CellPay)
  • Foreign currencies

Approved by IRD

  • IRD-compliant VAT books
  • Real-time bill synchronization with IRD
  • Foreign currencies

AS Retail + Dynamics 365 Business Central: Discover how ERP can elevate your retail business

The retail industry is always evolving, and retail technology evolves right alongside it. AS Retail is your all-in-one retail management solution, with Dynamics 365 Business Central as its backbone.


Financial management and analysis


Employees to provide outstanding service


Business processes across channels


Supply chain management


Daily operations


Inventory management and purchasing

One POS Solution, Endless possibilities

1. Not just another POS system – AS Retail is a complete ERP

Built on top of Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central (Dynamics NAV), AS Retail gives you total visibility across your finances, inventory, and operations. Ultimately, what you get is a flawless, automated, and future-proof retail management experience backed by a powerful ERP system

2. Real-time inventory planning and management:

Know exactly where your stock lies at any point in time. Forecast demands while taking control of your inventory data across all your store locations. Drive your top and bottom-line growth with real-time control of your stockouts, bottlenecks, fluctuations, and replenishments to prevent inventory leakage or damage

3. Retail franchise management:

Improve the value of your retail franchise. AS Retail gives you the flexibility to expand your stores quickly and with minimal hassle. Easy multi-store configuration, centralized control over data, and the ability to automate purchase and sales integrations mean that the solution understands and supports your growth.

4. Flexible pricing and sales promotions:

You can easily setup periodic, store-based, or time-slotbased pricing and discounts from a single platform. Centralized configuration of special offers and promotions means that you can provide your customers with an enhanced shopping experience.

5. Membership and loyalty management:

Make your customers feel valued. Engage customers across multiple store locations through memberships, loyalty programs, and rewards to make their shopping experience smooth and seamless.

6. Integration with eCommerce and mobile applications:

Have an online store or app you want to manage? AS Retail easily accommodates your stores, whether online or offline, and brings all aspects of your business together so you can mobilize everything from a single viewpoint.

Localized Features

Additional capabilities designed and localized in compliance to the Nepalese business landscape

Automated TDS

  • Localized solution for hassle free TDS calculation
  • Automated TDS entries and easy reporting
  • TDS payment and it’s history

HRMS and Payroll

  • Customizable HRMS modules
  • Easy Payroll Integration

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