Power BI

Power BI is a powerful analytics tool that allows you to combine, analyze and share data across your organization. With Power BI, you can cut down on manual report generation and always have updated data on a real-time basis.

Use Microsoft Power BI to monitor, analyze, and share your most important data.

Power BI simplifies data visualization to assist in transforming your business allowing you to extract useful knowledge from data to solve business problems.

Gain complete insight into your company

Power BI consolidates information and data across systems, providing a comprehensive view of customer service, financials, inventory, sales, and much more. With instant access to dashboards, KPIs, and real-time company data, you can monitor change and quickly capitalize on new opportunities.

Curate custom content instantly

Create and publish content packs – including dashboards, reports, and datasets – to your team or your entire business. With custom reports, every user gains a personalized view of the most important business metrics.

Cut through the decision-making cycle

With Power BI and native apps, you can publish and share interactive reports easily from anywhere, empowering decision makers with information when and where they need it.

Boost productivity and collaboration

Too often in business, employees and stakeholders make decisions based on inconsistent or incomplete data. With Power BI Groups, you can easily collaborate with stakeholders to ensure everyone has accurate data and boost productivity across the organization.

Standardize KPIs and create accountability

Quantifying goals and confidently tracking progress isn’t always an exact science, and this uncertainty can stall your long-term goals. With thorough reports, you can assign accountability to particular KPIs, align business activity with strategic goals and reach milestones faster.

Have all your data in one place

Access your data regardless of its form or where it lives, including Excel spreadsheets, cloud services, streaming data and on-premises databases. Implementing Power BI provides a holistic view of the most essential metrics for your business. With touch-enabled native apps for Windows, iOS and Android, you can access all your data from anywhere and eliminate duplicate content.

Power BI experts at your service

We offer the implementation and support of Power BI to help you harness the power of data and improve your business decisions. With our Power BI expertise, we bring data and processes together to open new horizons for your business.

Want to witness the power of Power BI for yourself?

Why Agile ?

With you from implementation to support

We begin by understanding your requirements, what your goals are, and what’s the best way to help you achieve them. We prefer long-term partnership over quick wins, and we stand beside you from before implementation through support and training until you start noticing gains from your system or solution.

Vast industry expertise and knowledge

As Microsoft Gold Certified partners, we have a deep understanding of technology and solutions and how it can benefit our customers. Our team of 40+ professional ERP and CRM consultants are constantly learning and evolving so they can design innovative solutions for you and help you take your first step towards success.

Focus on Customer satisfaction

We always keep customer outcomes at the front of our mind. We work hard to make sure your organization and your users can understand the benefits of the new systems and solutions. We work relentlessly until you and your users are fully satisfied with the result.

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