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What it takes to become a Technical ERP Consultant

At Agile Solutions Pvt. Ltd., we are constantly in search of skilled and enthusiastic resources – in other words – ‘agile’ candidates. The word ‘Consultants’, although a bit misleading, does not mean a part-time job or an outsourced position and is still a full-time job opportunity with organizational benefits.

In this blog, we will be discussing what it takes to become a Technical ERP Consultant, what their roles are, and what the journey ahead looks like for a Technical Consultant in terms of a professional career. Let us jump right into it!

What does it take to be a Technical ERP consultant?

When you hear the term ERP, what comes to your mind? Not many are familiar with the term, especially freshers out of college. Enterprise Resource Planning, also known as ERP, is integrated business software designed for managing business processes. Although ERP has been in existence since the early 1980s, there has been tremendous growth in businesses adopting ERP software in recent years, which has resulted in an increase in demand for ERP consultants. An ERP consultant has a vital role to play in building successful enterprise software. The core role of an ERP consultant is to configure, implement, and support the ERP software in a way that it fits the business requirements of a client. ERP consultants are required to deliver quality software to the end-users and resolve issues, bugs, and errors in the system to ensure smooth business operations.

Technical ERP consultants are responsible for developing, customizing, and deploying ERP software in an organization. Their role is to streamline the implementation process, gather all the technical resources required to deploy the system, and solve the issues encountered during and after the implementation.

But what do Technical ERP consultants do? What are their roles and responsibilities?

It is a question that we hear often, especially from our candidates. First and foremost, we understand that this is a fairly new term for you and an exciting new career opportunity as well. ERP consultants are categorized into two as technical and functional consultants. To become a technical consultant, you must have a strong grasp of your roles and responsibilities. We have listed down a few that you must know in order to excel in this field:


One of the major duties of a technical ERP consultant is to develop the software as per the client’s requirements. The development of ERP software is an extensive process that includes customization, integration, understanding of forms, fields, workflows, and more. Each business has its own requirement and processes and understanding these business requirements in detail is essential for a technical consultant. On the other hand, the system built must be free of bugs and machine-level errors.

Application Configuration:

Arguably the most important phase of the project. After development, the technical ERP consultant is required to install, set up, and configure the system. ERP systems are of two kinds – hosted on-premises or cloud-based. An ERP consists of various modules such as sales, inventory, purchase, accounting, human resources, etc. which need to be correctly implemented in the context of the organization. Configuring these modules based on the requirement analysis is key to an ERP’s success and efficiency.

Technical Support

Even though the system has been configured and handed over to the client, it does not mean that our job is done. As a business solutions provider, it is Agile’s responsibility to provide technical support to clients in case of errors, bugs, or other technical issues as and when needed.

After the complete handover of the project to the client, there might be some technical issues at any point in time. Generally, supports are handled by functional consultants but in case of some technical difficulties, it falls under the responsibility of the technical consultants to solve it. With time, companies may feel the need to expand their ERP system with more modules and functionalities, or in some cases, they may also wish to downscale their system. In addition, there may be issues regarding servers and cloud storage. In these conditions, technical consultants are required to provide their support and help clients keep their system up and running.

Are there any requirements regarding Academic qualification for the job?

Yes, a technical ERP consultant is expected to have at least a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology, or similar fields of study.

Along with academic qualifications, we expect candidates to have basic programming skills, basic Database knowledge. Since a lot of the job involves working with clients, consultants with strong soft skills and communication skills are highly preferred.

What are my career opportunities as a technical ERP consultant?

Being a technical ERP consultant opens you up to a whole new horizon in the ERP ecosystem. Starting from a trainee, you will be able to pave your path in the field of ERP as a Senior Technical Consultant, leading up to Project Manager and even as a global consultant. You will have direct networking opportunities, development of problem-solving abilities, and most important opportunity for understanding business models of different businesses.

Along with that, owing to the fact that there is an ever-growing demand and need for ERP software all around the world, the knowledge, and experience you gain as a Technical Consultant will serve you well in the long term and keep you prepared for excellent opportunities.

How will Agile Solutions help me in my career path?

Being a technical ERP consultant requires programming skills, problem-solving skills, communication skills, dedication, and many more. Obviously, the more you polish these skills, the better you become each day.

At Agile, we provide 15 days training package for freshers where our Senior consultant share their expertise.

As a mandatory orientation, this prepares newly hired Technical and Functional Consultants to take on client projects with confidence. It covers:

  • Interactive training from experienced mentors
  • Weekly Assessments to evaluate your performance
  • Competitive technical tasks & assignments
  • Workshops to enhance your research skill

A new recruit is designated as a trainee for the period of 3 months where they will practice the fundamentals of technical consulting. In this 3 months’ time duration, you are assigned to real-time projects and tested at your optimum ability. Your career as a technical consultant starts after the completion of the training period.

At Agile, we have devised a range of team-building efforts such as these. No wonder our reputation is built on the back of our strong, responsive, and ‘agile’ team members who work relentlessly to serve customers with industry-leading business solutions.

As a leading business solution provider company, our primary focus is on offering consulting, implementation, and support services of ERP, CRM, and BI to companies from small and mid-scale businesses to large corporations. We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in ERP, which means that we are awarded one of Microsoft’s highest recognitions for the quality and consistency of our services. Join our standout team to become a part of an international-standard workforce. Take your first step by applying for our opening positions!

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