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Disconnected systems can give you fragmented view of your cases, partners, volunteers, members and donors. When technologies fit in seamlessly, you begin maximizing the impact your work has on the community and supporting your sustained growth!

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Challenges faced by Dealers
and Distributors without an efficient DMS

Inefficient process

  • Dealer orders, service requests, and return requests are entered manually
  • Employees answer dealer queries via phone/e-mails
  • Manual entries causing costly errors

Lack of Visibility

  • Unable to proactively manage dealer forecast
  • Customer warranty details not available
  • Vehicle service history not easily available
  • No visibility of Dealer stock

Nonexistent Reporting

  • No combined stock availability
  • No combined service history / solution knowledge base
  • Lack of standard automotive industry reports

Key Features of Agile DMS

Loan processing and tracking

Automate and standardize your loan processing. Get a complete overview of loan applications, right from origination through to the disbursement and beyond. Check the status, performance, and criticality of loans to ensure you are always in control.

Loan Disbursement

Easily disburse loans to customers once the loan document is verified. The system also enables you to approve/ reject loan applications in a single click, provided that they fulfil the criteria.

Loan Capitalization

The system lets you capitalize loans if in case a customer fails to pay the interest, meaning, the unpaid interest is added to the loan principal and is then processed further.

Defer Principal

If a customer wishes to defer the loan principal for a certain time, the system allows you to set up deferment period and hold the accrued interest until the period is over. You can setup repayment schedule


Customers can either choose to insure their items with you or with an external company. Agile Hire Purchase provides you with the flexibility to initiate or eliminate insurance premiums.

Item tracking

Since data syncs seamless between your dealers, items whose payment have not been fulfilled can be flagged and instantly identified across your service centers.

Introducing Agile DMS:
No. 1 Dealer Management System

Agile DMS provides the tools dealers and distributors need to more effectively run their business. By bringing together the many parts of a dealership on a single interface, Agile DMS allows business owners to monitor dealership operations efficiently and see the big picture more clearly. With the strong foundation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, we offer a comprehensive dealer management solution designed specifically to serve the needs of automotive retail.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: Delivering you a DMS of the future

Disconnected systems, manual workarounds, and broken processes are today’s biggest business challenges. Such inefficiency can slow you down and hurt your organizational growth. Dynamics 365 Business Central is Microsoft’s powerful Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that brings your all systems and processes together into one integrated system. This ultimately helps you manage your business end-to-end, make smarter decisions, and scale and grow without compliance risks.
  • Continuous Development and Innovation
  • Security
  • Connected Dealership
  • Intuitive and Familiar User Interface
  • Fully compliant with Nepal’s legislations

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