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Our trusted Business Intelligence solution places focus on true self-service analytics, helping you save costs, build customer trust, and grow the business, while easing the regulatory burden and making your banking data more secure.

Self-service (ad-hoc) reporting from anywhere

With easy, quick self-service analytics and reporting, your employees can manage and create the reports they need, avoiding the dependency on IT to prepare their data. Report building is easy with simplified drag-and-drop interfaces that do not require you to code.

A single source of truth for all your data

A consolidated database ensures you have a single source (Data Warehouse) for reporting. Even though different users pull in the banking data from multiple sources (Core banking system, Switch, MIS, and other applications), the final reported data is as accurate as it should be.

Reduce manual work and accelerate operations

Most Core Banking Solutions are incapable of generating reports and analytics that banks require for day-to-day operations and decision making. Data preparation for MIS reporting is equally tedious and repetitive. Our Business Intelligence solution provides you with data that is secure, reliable, and easily accessible from anywhere.

Get a 360° view of your business. Extract business insights from your traditional banking data.

Leverage your customer data across channels to effectively construct new product offerings, capitalize on the opportunities in real time, and respond dynamically to changing market conditions.

Gain new customer insights

BI gives you a greater ability to observe and analyze current customer buying trends. It allows you to understand what and why your consumers are buying. You can use this information to create products improvements to meet their expectations and needs and, as a result, improve your organization’s bottom-line.

Identify new potential areas

Banks can have have better control over their processes and standard operating procedures, as the visibility of these functions is improved by a BI system. Business Intelligence illuminates all areas of your banking operations helps you to readily identify areas for improvement and allow you to be prepared instead of reactive.

Improved and insight-driven decision making

An effective Business Intelligence system serves as a means to identify key organizational patterns and trends. It also allows you to understand the implications of various banking processes and changes, enabling you to make informed decisions and act accordingly.

Better sales and marketing insights

Sales and marketing teams want to keep track of their customers. Because they house all customer communications and interactions, there is a wealth of data and information that can be interpreted and used to strategic initiatives. Our BI solution helps banks identify new customers, as well as track, and retain existing ones.

Easy access to real-time data

Data can be prone to human error and is often at risk of being outdated. Business Intelligence provides you with access to data in real-time through spreadsheets, visual dashboards, and scheduled emails. You can also leverage our Business Intelligence solution to assimilate, interpret, and distribute large amounts of data quickly and accurately.

Improve operational efficiency

BI Systems help improve banking efficiency which consequently increases productivity and can potentially increase revenue. It helps you save time on reporting, data extraction, and data interpretation, allowing employees to focus on strategic work rather than processing data.

Make stronger decision with data. Stay ahead of the competition.

We provide comprehensive business intelligence consulting services to help you gain critical business metrics and analytics, eliminate wasted time, money, and effort and make accurate sales predictions and financial estimations.

Our Business Intelligence approach

  • Single source for MIS reporting and monitoring

  • No need to replace existing system & databases (Save costs)

  • Real-time integration

  • Empower your decision makers with data on demand

  • Visual dashboards & tailor-made reports at your fingertips

  • Improve your overall data management

Jet Reports by InsightSoftware

With Jet Reports, you can simplify your reporting processes, eliminate reporting errors, and maximize productivity, with unparalleled data access through flexible reporting, fast analytics, and controlled budgeting. 

  • Eliminates any need to understand the underlying data structure when viewing data inside Excel or Microsoft Power BI.

  • Provides accurate, governed data for one version of the truth.

  • Rapid time-to-value through turnkey installation in hours, not weeks or months.

  • Pre-built cubes, data warehouse, and dashboards.

  • Low cost of ownership – includes unlimited users and a drag-and-drop customization platform.

Microsoft Power BI

Power BI is a powerful analytics tool that allows you to combine, analyze and share data across your organization. With Power BI, you can cut down on manual report generation and always have updated data on a real-time basis.

  • Gain a comprehensive view of customer service, financials, inventory, sales, and much more.

  • Create and publish content packs – including dashboards, reports, and datasets – to your team or your entire business.

  • Cut through the decision-making cycle and publish and share interactive reports easily from anywhere when and where you need it.

  • Collaborate with stakeholders to ensure everyone has accurate data and boost productivity across the organization.

  • Assign accountability to particular KPIs, align business activity with strategic goals and reach milestones faster.

Choose the Business Intelligence solution that best fits your needs

We combine business analytics, data mining, data visualization, data tools and infrastructure, and best practices to help banks make more data-driven decisions, eliminate inefficiencies, and quickly adapt to market demands.

Power BI Cloud

  • Pay on a per user, per month basis
  • No specialized technical support required
  • No hardware/
    infrastructure required

Jet Enterprise

Agile Recommended*
  • ETL Automation and Self-service tool
  • Rapid deployment
  • Easy administration and management

Power BI Report Server

  • *MS SQL Server Enterprise with Software Assurance (SA) required
  • SQL server database for reporting instance
  • Scalable to unlimited no. of users

Available for:

(Retail and Commercial)
Insurance Companies
Capital Markets
Finance and Microfinance Companies

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