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Whats new in Sales and Marketing in 2021 Dynamics 365 wave 1 release

This year’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 Wave Release brings several updates to its ecosystem. The 2021 wave release 1 brings different features addressing the issues that businesses were facing back in 2020 along with some advancement in existing features. In recognition of the change in customer behavior, additional and automatic tracking is introduced to identify appropriate customers and the next steps to be taken. The new Pipeline manager workspace is introduced this year which helps businesses to create a customer journey and grab the opportunities quickly and effectively. Along with that the new feature which brings collaboration with Microsoft Team much easier and more efficient. The 2021 wave release 1 from Microsoft allows its users to adapt to the changes in the market with innovative updates. It is focused on helping you and your company improve your end-to-end customer experience through improved customer journeys, natural language capabilities, AI-powered features, and many more.

Let’s dive into what’s new in Sales and Marketing in Dynamics 365 wave release wave 1 is discussed in this blog.


The new ‘Pipeline Manager Workspace

The new pipeline manager provides accurate experience and user experience to enable the sales team to keep their pipeline up to date. Previously, opportunities were listed in the list, requiring users to press, open a record, and edit but now opportunities can be edited with a few clicks. As a matter of fact, there are times when a complete opportunity form is not required at all – the seller may want to take a quick look at the relevant details and keep up with the latest activities. To do so, Microsoft introduced a separate recording panel. This will allow your sales team to access the dashboards with KPIs for what they need most, good charts, and most importantly, that they can accomplish all of these actions with just a few clicks.

Collaboration with Microsoft Teams

With the new release, users can access Microsoft Teams channel content and chats from within Dynamics 365: Merchants within Dynamics 365 Sales can access their own chat lists and Microsoft Team channels associated with their Dynamics 365 business page and recent chat chats. Along with that, you can edit Dynamics 365 records within Microsoft Team discussions – This feature enables quick editing of Dynamics 365 records from the Microsoft Team discussion form, to ensure information is up to date before sending it to participants. You can even participate in a Microsoft Team discussion from within Dynamics 365 – This feature will help you save time, minimize application switches between Sales Hub apps and teams, and help bring structure and organization into marketing partnerships. Also, it allows you to share CRM records in Microsoft Team Messages – This feature will allow you to search for information on Dynamics 365, share it with other participants in your conversations or channels, and allow you to perform tasks from the chat.


Mobile channels to reach your audience

One of the most powerful updates to launch new mobile channels. The mobile channel enables instant marketing communications and promotional messages as part of customer campaigns and communications You can now create and send SMS messages to any mobile phone using Dynamics 365 Marketing. This creates new opportunities for communication with mobile users.

The push mobile channel lets you send in-app notifications in or out of the app with rich features such as photos, videos, and audio.

Easy-to-use and AI-powered journey designer

The AI-powered customer journey in Dynamics 365 is visually appealing, dynamic, and is up to date. To create steps for your journey, you can use the catalog of built-in events, create your own, or use native language to specify conditions and branches. Also, you can Use AI-directed channel design to ensure that your message is delivered to the appropriate communication channel for each of your customers to customize and beyond. So, the beauty of using AI and optimism is that it examines behavioral data, learns from it, and extracts the right one for each person automatically.

To know more about 2021 wave release 1 from Microsoft, Click here.

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