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5 Reasons to Move your Retail Management Software to the cloud

The Global retail industry is gaining an upward growth, with retail sales increasing year by year. Despite the slight decline in the year 2020, it is expected to grow by 4.5% in 2021. At this growth rate, the retail industry requires the retailers to be more agile when it comes to their operations and management.

In the recent past, most of the companies are moving to cloud-based software. Cloud solutions have addressed the pain points of many industries and helped them realize the significance of future-proofing their businesses. Business management software such as traditional Retail management software, Point of Sales software, Store management software, etc. have been facing difficulties regarding real-time data insights, security and efficiency issues, Data accessibility, Customer relations, Inventory management, and more. Cloud-based retail management software has proven to be the solution to all these issues and that’s where solutions like Agile’s AS Retail come in to streamline your operations, finances, inventory, and payments from within a single solution.

With endless possibilities in terms of scalability and, cloud-based retail management system has completely revolutionized the way retail businesses function. Evidently, many big names in the retail industry have moved to cloud-based retail management software to optimize their inventory, standardize their operations, and maximize profit. This tells you why the cloud is the future for your retail business.

Benefits of Cloud-based Retail Management Software

1. Get access to your real-time data anywhere, anytime

Real time data from cloud

With the rapid growth of eCommerce, retail businesses have been operating at their highest potential. To live up to customer’s expectations and operate from anywhere at any time, business owners and retailers should be able to have fast and secure access to data. Cloud-based retail ERP software can provide you with real-time data for your business where operations run 24/7.

2. Streamlines communication between franchises and different departments with ease

Businesses often face difficulties in maintaining smooth communication between their franchises and different departments. Cloud-based setup enables you to strengthen and streamline your interdepartmental communications and flow of information. Similarly, for a large-scale retail business, it is always a pain to effectively communicate with franchises located miles away. Cloud-based retail software can help solve this issue. For e.g., AS Retail Solution helps sync the information between multiple outlets in real-time and maintain the flow of information so that you know exactly how each of your stores or departments are operating.

3. Enhances productivity and efficiency of business with intelligence

The cloud offers access to real-time data and analytics, which means that you can effectively forecast your inventory and significantly reduce stock shortage and leakage. Modern cloud-based systems provide you with advanced computing power that can be utilized for enhancing your business productivity.

4. Lowers setup cost and use of technical resources

For retail businesses using cloud-based software, this means that you can focus on your retail business without worrying about data storage, software maintenance, and technical manpower. One of the key benefits of using cloud-based software is its setup cost and use of technical resources. As a cloud-based system shares the computing resources and you only pay for the resources you use, it is extremely economical. No physical computing resources are required to be set up; resources can be accessed online.

5. Cloud-based Retail Management software is Secure and reliable

Accessing resources online may raise a question regarding their security and reliability. When we look at cloud-based software, they are top-notch in security and reliability. Every cloud service provider assures your data protection. They are, in many ways, safer than on-premises setup. Also, cloud-based software features backups for damage control and disaster recovery, ensuring that you do not run out of luck with your data even if you somehow lose it.

Security in cloud storage

Cloud is the future. It goes without saying that with the prevalence of eCommerce, the retail industry has upped its game too. Switching to a cloud-based retail ERP software will increase your productivity, maintains customer relations, and runs your business efficiently. To help you face these everyday challenges presented by the retail industry, we have developed a solution “AS Retail: Point of Sale ERP” on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. If you would like to see AS Retail in action, request for Demo and our team will get in touch with you.

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