Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd

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“With the introduction of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, our plans and operations have become much more agile, accurate and we are able to get a real-time view of our business.”

Sipradi is one of the largest brand names in Nepal and has been the exclusive distributor of Tata Motors since 1982. The company sells and services full range of Tata Motors’ commercial and passenger vehicles. With an annual turnover exceeding USD 150 million, the company has the largest sales and service distribution network throughout Nepal with 8 sales offices, 5 key regional service centers, 24 dealers and service centers.

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Sipradi Trading Pvt. Ltd

Business Challenge

Sipradi Trading’s business strategy for success is straightforward – organic development based on TATA’s global strength and exceptional customer service at the local level. Over the years, this strategy has allowed Sipradi to achieve sustained growth in its chosen markets. Sipradi was running multiple off-the-self and custom made applications for its various departments and functions. There was no interaction between such island systems. As the size and complexity of the business grew, Sipradi came to realize that its existing systems could not cope with the business challenges of the time, primarily because the existing bespoke systems had inherent limitations of scalability, integration and automation. Sipradi then decided to look for a strategic tool to integrate its core 3S -business of Sales, Spares and Service with the Finance so that operational problems are solved, customer service becomes effective and the executives can make informed decision to stay ahead in competition.

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