Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service enables organizations to engage customers, empower agents, and find new ways to add value in the new service economy. It consists of built-in intelligence, more personalized service and adds value to every interaction with the customers, anytime and anywhere.

Why Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?

It allows you to engage with customers on any channel or device. It automates the resolutions with the help of the most powerful AI customer service framework in the market. The service bots are faster and always available, which frees up the agents for high-valued interactions. Agent-facing bots use contextual data about the customers as well as your businesses and allows you to make smart decisions by giving you suitable recommendation. It empowers agents with machine learning driven recommendations so as to use service and support as leverage to rise in business. Actions are taken only after all the necessary data are analyzed from connected devices.

Intelligent automation guides agents to right actions by surfacing relevant information dynamically via a single interface. It provides a complete customer view and enables you to deliver values at every milestones.

It optimizes resources based on trending issues to address pressing matters, turns insights into actions and receives feedback. 

It significantly reduces the cost, time and complexity of operating a global infrastructure. It comprises of the best data-centers which ensures the security of your data.

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