Digital technologies are transforming the world around us. Impacting every industry and businesses of all sizes. Business no longer happens in one place, and customers expectations and engagements are changing. There has never been a better time to embrace technologies that change the way organizations manage their operations, connect with customers, and drive their businesses’ growth. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the business edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365, is a set of business applications that are fundamentally changing how organizations work. It is designed specifically for organizations, to bring in and integrate business processes faster, make decisions quicker and connect with their customers in real time. Business Central is a complete service across the spectrum of business processes for marketing, sales, service, operations and finance. It’s easy to approach and adopt and yet it is fully-featured and very deep and rich. For customers, the need to trust in their solutions that their businesses depend on dynamics 365 Business Central is the next generation of dynamics NAV for the age of digital transformation. With over 20 years of experience, and hundreds and thousands of customer service worldwide, and millions of users, this is a perfect platform. Business Central is helping your business in  getting more insights into all processes in the company. It means being more efficient in the sales processes, being more efficient in the production, and always have an insight in your goods.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the business edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations of businesses with enhanced capabilities and improved user experience. It serves the small and medium businesses by providing end-to-end business management facilities. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is also available on cloud.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the ultimate destination for businesses which have outgrown their basic and bland accounting software or legacy ERP and are seeking for all-in-one ERP business management solution.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central gives an end-to-end view of your business by helping you manage your financials, automate and secure your supply chain, sell smarter and improve customer service, keep projects on time and under budget, optimize your operations, protect your data and run your business anywhere.

Effective Financial Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables you to make informed decisions by connecting data across accounting, sales, purchasing, inventory and customer interactions and gives you an end-to-end view of your business. It delivers the financial performance in real time in charts with built-in Power BI dashboards. It abides by the compliances and streamlines account receivables and payables, and automatically reconcile accounts to close and report on financials accurately and on-time. It even models and analyzes data across multiple dimensions to refine financial forecasts so as to increase accuracy and also customizes reports with seamless integration of Microsoft Excel.

Automating Supply Chain

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central optimizes and dynamically update the inventory levels. Built-in intelligences predict when and what to replenish, avoid lost sales and reduce shortages by automatically calculating stock levels, lead times and reorder points. It sends recommendations to avoid overdue penalties and prevent unnecessary or fraudulent purchases leading to maximize the profitability.

Improve Customer Relationship

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central prioritizes sales leads, keeps track of all customer interactions and gives guidance on best upsell and renewal opportunities resulting to valuable deliveries. It boosts the sales productivity by accelerating the process of “quote-to-cash”. It also enables you to assign resources effectively by giving an in-depth insight into service tasks, workloads, and skills.

Efficient Project Management

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central uses timesheets to create, manage and track projects  with real-time insight on project status and resource usages and modify or control budgets accordingly to ensure profitability. It helps to manage the resource levels by planning the capacity, sales and budget and also keeps the tracks if customers’ invoices and checks for any inconsistencies in costs and quotes.

Optimization of Business Operations

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central automatically generates production plans and creates purchase orders by using sales forecasts and expected stock-outs to fulfilment. It provides a complete overview of inventory by tracking every transactions and movements of items and enables you to run your warehouse efficiently. It optimizes the output levels by calculating manufacturing capacities and resources so as to improve production schedules and meet the customers demands.

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