Just like a well oiled machine is less likely to fail, similarly, a well maintained product is less likely to let you down in the time of need. A good support plan is just as important as the implementation of the product itself. 

After a successful implementation of the product, training sessions (for the users of the product) shall be provided and continuous feedback will be taken to evaluate the ease of use and the acceptance level of the application. Our Support plan also covers fixing bugs if any arises during use. On demand training revisions are also provided for new employees. Any small changes such as adding new fields, renaming fields, etc are permissible within the initial costing. 

Our team of support engineers are always on standby in case any of our valued clients need immediate support. 

You can get in touch with us via email:, or you can directly call us at +977-4004789, 4004790. We provide in-house maintenance when required and we always ensure that the maintenance time is as low as possible so that your operations are always optimized.

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