Businesses are relying more and more on cloud due to its versatility and agility. We have all realised that the future of computing is in Cloud, Microsoft is no different. Comprehending the efficiency and demand of Cloud, Microsoft also took a major step towards the future and introduced Cloud-Based instances for Dynamics 365. Cloud-based instances of Dynamics 365 are hosted on Azure, Microsoft’s web services platform, which allows programs and services to be built, tested, deployed, and managed from a network of managed data centers. From program itself to all your data is stored online with cloud. With a cloud-based instance of Dynamics 365, the software is deployed and managed on Microsoft’s servers, so all you require to utilize it is an internet connection and a web browser. As the software is hosted on its own servers, Microsoft is primarily responsible for maintaining all of your software infrastructure from their end. This includes managing security measures, issuing updates, and performing data backups.

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